July 20, 2018


Into the wilds of the heart.


Into the vast unknown.


Into who you really are.



Through the gates of hell and back again.


Through the fires.


Through the beauty.


Through the grief.


Through the anger.


Through the courage.



Each step is a yes.


Each place,


Each moment,


Each choice,


Is the great Yes on the way of becoming.



The unfurling of who you really are is ease itself.


But letting go of all that is not you?


That is the challenge.


All the mind chatter,


All the Supposed To's,


All the Shoulds,


Are shrouds around the blossom of your soul.




Cast off the shroud!


Throw it into the fire.


Hurl it into the sky.


Bury it in the Earth.


Send it back to where it came from, for it is not you.



Let go and then...


Imagine a flower bud.


Imagine each petal falling open.


Drop into ease,


And allow your soul to unfurl.


The School of Wild Authenticity


Teaching imaginative women, who are stuck in the trap of the Dull Gray Cubicle, how to find the freedom and empowerment to come alive and do what they are meant to do.



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